Update: Possibilities for takeaway

Update: Possibilities for takeaway

Dear customers,

First of all, a special THANK YOU to all of you for your love and support during this difficult time.

Last week you could only order our food via Fooddrop and Thuisbezorgd. That is still possible!

But for some, the range of both our delivery partners could not reach you. After receiving many requests we have decided to work with take away orders while, of course, ALWAYS complying with the safety rules.

Please read the instructions carefully.

  1. You can find our current menu here and at our Facebook page. The menu is somewhat smaller, due to the circumstances, but you still find a variety of dishes.
  2. You can receive your order warm or cold
  3. Until 15.00  you can send us your orders via email (info@olijfboomgroningen.nl) or Facebook messenger. We will confirm your order and give you the pick-up time
  4. After 15.00 you can give us your order via telephone – 050-7370078.
  5. Only 1 person is allowed in our premises. If another person is inside, please wait outside
  6. Please keep  1.5 meter distance from each other and from the personnel either you are inside or outside our premises.
  7. You can pay only by card.

Everyone’s health is the most important. We follow extremely strict hygiene rules when preparing and selling our dishes. If there is the slightest possibility of sickness, we or our employees will stay at home; we expect this from you too. Only in this way can we continue to cook for you and keep the Olijfboom open for delivery and take-away.

Stay healthy, happy and eat good food!